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Portrait by Dead_Painter

"Labyrinth" by Isaiah Toothtaker (Prod. by Sixtoo) from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.


Isaiah Toothtaker returns with the 1st video “Labyrinth” from his forthcoming album “Sea Punk Funk” produced by Sixtoo (Anticon & NinjaTune).

In “Labyrinth” Isaiah pens a more solemn B-Boy sonnet about entanglement & wayward mix-up. Entrapped in an admission of errors, Toothtaker expresses his own decanting trepidation of involvement. 

A pensive production from Sixtoo provides the soundtrack in “Labyrinth” that could equally backdrop for turf gangs some time in the ’70s with Cyrus & the Gramercy Riffs. Whether under his original moniker or any number of aliases Sixtoo remains able to carve ethereal songs that resonate our situations be it despondent subway rides or police rides downtown.

The “Sea Punk Funk” album by Isaiah Toothtaker, entirely produced by Sixtoo, will be available in July for free download.